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Advice please!! Mirena related!

Ok so I got he mirena inserted in September 2012, 7 months pp. apart from cramps for a day everything seemed fine. I continued to have my periods regularly BUT for at least 10 days (Had my first pp period at 6months pp which was very heavy).

Got depressed after that and had to go stay with my mum for a month in December to get better, that did wonders, I am really well now.

Anyways, I had my last period in January, knowing that it is normal with the mirena. Since then, and I haven't changed a thing about my lifestyle, diet, etc. I have put on 6lbs, loose a lot of hair, have nausea most of every day, headaches, bloating, cramps as if period will come any day now, constant fatigue and very oily skin, tender breasts and occasional leaking (looks like colostrum) and lots of spots on my upper arm (last time I had that was when I was breast feeding).

I personally want that iud out. It was great while I still had my af but since I have missed it I am not myself. It is almost like 1st trimester pregnancy (I only had sex without a condom once - we always use condoms to be mega safe).

Any similar stories, advice, outcomes??? Please help me girls.


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