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Please help. I am scared to death. Clubbed nails?? Pic included.

I know this is weird but I had no one else to ask and I am just hoping and praying someone here can help me. I've begun to notice my fingernails are starting to kinda curve downward. It's pretty noticeable especially if I let them get longer. It's mainly my index fingers and middle fingers on both hands. So, naturally I googled about it. Apparently, there is this condition called "nail clubbing." And it can be an indicator of serious cardiovascular problems or lung cancer. I am now officially freaking out. I am very young--23 years old. I used to smoke but it was brief (3 years). I know I should seek medical advice from a doctor, but I am currently uninsured right now and can't go. I am wondering if there are any ladies that have ever heard of this, or are dealing with it themselves. And if you do have this condition, do my nails look like the beginning stages of it? Thanks in advance. I just need my mind put at ease.

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To me, they don't look like they are curving all that much, but then again its possible. A clinic appointment shouldn't be that much (depending on where you live) Here it's about $40.

Hopefully its nothing. Good luck!

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I'm from the UK but if I'm honest (as a person who smoked for more than 7 years) I think you don't need to worry.

If you no longer smoke etc...i wonder if your nail condition is more to do with your eating rather than your smoking? Hope you get sorted soon x

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My nails are like this... always have been! And I'm alright xx

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