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I suffer with it on my scalp which is very sore some days and uncomfortable.

its now also on my forehead under one eye and on the bridge of my nose.. its also on my hands.

any tips of how to ease it off?

I have steroid creams for my face and hands but it doesnt do much!

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Try using Tea Tree Oil.

I use it on my 8 year old son's scalp because he gets this stuff that looks like cradle cap? If I used it on him consistantly it would probably prevent it from coming back, but I only use it on him when it flares up. It will be gone the next day.

My husband has sorboric dermititis (Spell?) on his scalp and eyebrows, but I will put the tea tree oil on it and it will go away for a few weeks.

I have rough, dry, flakey skin on my feet. I can use the tea tree oil on them and it is like a miracle.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

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