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Bleeding on pill

I started bleeding yesterday, still bleeding today but I skipped my week pill break a week or so ago and am into the next pack. I usually do this so I miss any bleeding and have never bled before when not taking the break.

Does anyone know what's going on?

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I used to do this all the time, and ended up bleeding for 6 weeks. your body needs to break (it's ok to do it maybe if your goin on holiday or something) but not all the time. I was advised to stop the pill have the bleed and then start again after the 7 days t

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You really should not be skipping the inactive pills to not bleed. I'm case of a special event or holiday as a every once in a while thing I think it would be fine but not as a regular thing. I just don't think it's healthy to constantly pump your body with the hormones. Your body needs that little break. You will have breakthrough bleeding if you are skipping the inactive pills.

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I actually naturally skipped my period when I was on the loestrin 24 (my body just naturally did without me having to skip the placibo pills)- my OB advised it's perfectly fine- but, with that said- some women DO bleed through as their bodies resist skipping (when forced by continuing the pill). My SD is this way- she has endo and was put on pill to help with pains- but her periods are horrible, so the doc advised to skip for 3 mos- but she just ended up bleeding for 6wks straight! She cannot skip- I can. Some women are somewhere in the middle.

I would just let you body have a normal period next placibo round and then go from there. Maybe you can only skip for a few months at a time? If it continues after that- it can't hurt to ask your OB. Our bodies just do some funky stuff sometimes.

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whilst on the pill if there was a special ocassion like a hoilday or something i would have to carry on taking the pill for 2 months, one month before i wanted the period to stop and the month the period has to stop. i also had to do this for a couple of months often because i would get terrible sickness on the pill and the doctor recomended it! however i had never not had a break for more than two months and even that was doctors recomendations.

however the pill was awful for me and i will never go on it again

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