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Linea Nigra after birth...

My Linea Nigra is slowly fading, I had my baby 3 months ago. But it goes into my belly button and my whole belly button turned black and was really rough thick skin. This part has not faded at all. I was looking at it today and started picking at it and it started scratching off. Is it ok to just scratch all of the thick skin off and will the normal skin then grow back normal? Its cracking when I pinch it, but wont come off at all unless I scrape it ahrd with my finger nail

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Not sure hun- sorry... long as it seems OK and it's not painful, maybe try using a loofa in the shower after the skin softens? Or a mild scrub? I remember the line lasted months- and I swear if I pull my skin tight towards the southern area I can still see it a bit- but the skin never got rough- so not sure what might help? But after scrubbing I'd try some scent free lotion to moisturize too

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I wouldn't pick it I would have thought it will make it worse but not sure I had it with both pregnancies I lost my weight faster with second and linea negra faded faster I think in my opinion the faster you loose weight the faster it will go. X

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This happened to me in my belly button too! I scratched though TMI but my nipples also went super dark and started cracking/crumbling after having LO it was gross. Everything is back to normal now though, thank God!

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