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Suddenly developed cystic, red, scarring acne :(

Hi ladies charlie is 19 months now and all the way through pregnancy my skin was clear and then for the full 18 mo months after he was born. However ive now developed red acne that is leaving scars. The weird thing is that its only on my right jaw/lower cheek and nowhere else. My periods are like clockwork and ive actually lost half a stone so I don't think its PCOS but it's totally stressing me out and ive been in tears because it looks so horrible its embarrassing.

What could cause this? I had acne when I was a teenager then nothing until now except when I was pregnant with my first baby boy when my skin was terrible all over.

I've started taking yasmin pill again (used it for years 8 years before my babies) because I'm desperate but I really don't like taking the pill anymore because my grandmother and grandfather had breast cancer. I've tried all the precribed creams etc and they don't work

Sorry for the essay! Anyone else had a breakout like this? Just don't get how my skin can be clear for 2 1/2 years without yasmin now I'm quickly getting covered in scars

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