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If everything is so normal, then WTF is going on?

I finally got insurance, and got my butt to the doctor, after 5 months of active bleeding. I have had irregular periods for awhile now, and although it's not normal... it's not that uncommon for me. My first visit, they prescribed me bc pills to try and stop the bleeding (three weeks ago, and still nothing); and I had to go for an internal ultrasound (which was so friggin' weird). Today, I went for the results... EVERYTHING came back normal. No issues with size, ovaries, lining... all my blood work came back normal; surprisingling, I'm not anemic && my blood cell counts are perfectly fine. Nothing wrong with my hormones levels, or my thyroid. && yet, this is still happening to me. I don't understand what is going on. Not that I want something to be wrong with me, but at least if there was... then at least we would have another plan of action. Sorry for the rant. I just don't know what to think right now.

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I'm sorry hun- that is so frustrating! Especially when you KNOW something is up- even if it's not anything "wrong" per se- it's still frustrating when you don't know why it's happening (been there- just for other reasons). And when you keep hearing "all is normal" but it doesn't feel normal- it sucks.

I've no clue (obviously) what could be going on. But I'd certainly ask to see a specialist or get a 2nd opinion at least. When I had issues (down below) my regular OB- who I really love- couldn't find anything wrong. She did prescribe me stuff to see if it might help- but nada. Eventually, after more research on my own- I asked to be referred. Which she did. But unfortunately there was an 8mos waiting list... so I reseached and called around and found another OB that found my issue during her first exam! I got the right prescription- and all was great within weeks (all this after 14mos of pain!!!).

I know it's not the same- and maybe this is normal for you, but that doesn't make it ok. Hopefully, in time, the right BC will help? My SD has horrid periods- and endometriosis- so the right BC took time. But after months, again- we saw someone new- and she prescribed estrogen free pills and that made a huge difference within 1-2cycles.

Fingers crossed you get it sorted soon!

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