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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Bacterial Vaginosis - Has anyone had it?

I had BV a few years ago, I let it go untreated for around seven months because I was foolish in not going to the doctor.

I got the meds and used organic unflavoured yogurt and I become clear.

For 12 months I have been TTC and nothing has happened.

Has anyone who had BV and got it cured went on to get pregnant?

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Yes, I have.. I had it maybe 8 years ago. I have never even had an abnormal pap smear, so I was surprised..
At first they gave me those little bullet looking things suppositories .. Didn't work, so they gave me antibiotics, that worked and it never came back.. I did get pregnant at age 40, but I lost Ava at 22 weeks BUT it had nothing to do with BV.. I would just get rechecked and make sure it's gone..
Found this::::::While the bacteria themselves don't prevent pregnancy, damage caused by an untreated infection can. When BV goes crazy, it can spread from the vagina up into the uterus and fallopian tubes. This kind of infection is called pelvic inflammatory disease and can, if left untreated, cause damage to the tubes. This can prevent sperm from reaching the egg and cause infertility. ( Which isn't you)
Get treatment for the BV and give it another six months to a year (depending on your age—talk to your doctor about that) of focused "trying." Third, since you know you're prone to getting BV, when you do get pregnant, you and your doctor will be on the lookout and will do proactive screening. BV can mess with pregnancy but doesn't always. It's been connected to increased miscarriages, premature labor and low birth weight babies. The good news: the antibiotics commonly used (metronidazole or clindamycin) for BV are safe to take when pregnant. It's a fairly easy fix.
Good Luck

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Absolutely hun-- I've had it back when I was in my 20's (I'm 41 now). I didn't know I had it (for almost a year!)- I kept going to the doc and getting treated for UTI, and finally, like the 5th time I think- the doc tested me specifically for BV and it was positive. No wonder I was getting infections every few months!? I took a horse pill- ha- not really, but it was a big one time pill! Then regular meds for like 10 days after and totally fine since. Still the occasional UTI, but I'm prone to those anyway! since I was a kid! Honestly, I had NO clue BV could spread -- I'm sure it's Ok though- just discuss with your doc for reassurance hun

Tbh- I was expecting to have horrid UTI's during pregnancy- but nada! I never even peed my pants!

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Yes, I've had it multiple times, but I'm prone to it apparently. It happens when the good bacteria gets out of balance with the "bad" bacteria, but doesn't always mean you have an infection that needs treated. Usually if its seen on my pap test, they will ask me if I have had vaginosis symptoms. If not, they won't treat as it'll likely go away on its own, but will tell me to call if any symptoms start so they can prescribe treatment then if needed. Obviously they don't want to overtreat, because that can lead to bacterial resistance to meds, so they save treatment for those actually displaying symptoms, like discharge, itching, noticeable vaginosis odor, etc.

Since you are trying to get pregnant, they will likely treat any infections as they can contribute to m/c (not directly cause, but can contribute).

Also, I do pap test screening, HPV testing, and vaginosis testing for a living (cytotechnologist with molecular testing), and bacterial vaginosis is INCREDIBLY common. Just wanted to reassure you on that front, that its not some weird disease that not many women get. I see it literally half the day every day. most of the cases will not be treated as they are not symptomatic, and will go away on their own. Others have vaginosis tests ordered along with the pap test because they do have symptoms that need confirmed for treatment, and will get antibiotics. It's more common than yeast infections, which are also common. So don't fret too much over it, hun. I'm sure you'll do just fine with treatment, and should be back to normal.

Also, I had a bacterial vaginosis infection while pregnant with DS2 that needed treatment, and the pregnancy wasn't affected by it.

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I had an intestinal yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis 2 times in the last two or so years. I believe that these illnesses can turn into Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and mess with your reproductive health as the doc at the hospital believed I may have had the beginning stages of it when I went into emergency (and I was adamant it was not the result of an STI--and it was not).

I had it the first time 6-7 months before I conceived LO. The symptom I remember most may be a little TMI, but my secretions smelt foul, like death. The yeast had no typical symptoms (itching) and the discharge was inside of me but not coming out if that makes sense. Pain in the stomach and pelvis.

The second time occurred 2 years later in the same month-June 2014. My stomach was SO sore and it seemed as though I had NO healthy or bad bacteria in my body. I was wrongfully diagnosed w a UTI and ended up on 2 rounds of different antibiotics, the first one not needed obviously. The medication I took both times was called Flagyl I believe.

Anyways, best to not leave this stuff, seriously. Also, I've heard that once you get a yeast or bacterial vaginosis infection, you're more prone to them. Normally I think the body can right itself, but if it doesn't clear on its own, it needs to be cleared with meds for sure.

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