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Birth Control options?

Hey right now i am on Depo and it is treating me horrible so i am needing to figure out what other kind of Birth control might be right for me. so any help is great!

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If you don't want any hormones in your system- then the IUD would be a great option. I LOVED the BCP (but I was on a low dose estrogen version- and never had periods or anything). But, since I kept forgetting to take it! oops- I finally got the IUD.

I was honestly skitish about getting it- and the placement did not go well (for me)- but I'm the exception- not the norm. All my friends said it was no biggie to uncomfortable... and no one has had any issues since placement (me included). I actually LOVE not having to think about taking the pill anymore! Also- my periods (after a few months) are super light- barely anything. I have NO cramps or any other periods symptoms. I still get PMS- but it's usually mild, occasionally not. lol. And even though the thought of something foreign gave me the creeps at first- I usually forget I even had it done! I got the Mirena- so there are hormones- but they stay centrally located and don't get into your blood so it's much different than the pill or implant etc...

Best of luck whatever you decide hun

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I've got the mirena iud and I LOVE it!
Feel free to ask me anything. I am an open book.
If u are interested in my journey w this IUD, it can be found in the postpartum section

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