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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Depression and pregnancy

Hello all,

Not sure if this is the right place for this question, but here goes anyway!

I've suffered with depression and anxiety for many years, I did have 5 years free of it but I get very bad SAD every year when the winter starts. I've had a lot of treatment over the years and manage it much better than I used to.

I find when I have PMT each month (despite being on cerazette) my depression gets a lot worse. For example last week I must have had a bad month in terms of hormones as I was all over the place, crying and not coping.

My boyfriend and I are hoping to try for a baby soon, so my question is, will pregnancy hormones affect me the same way as PMT? I feel I need to prepare myself if I may feel down for the time I'm pregnant.

Hope this makes sense!!


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Hiya! I know everyone is different so can only speak for myself. I actually felt really good when i was pregnant as it seemed to even out my hormones it was afterwards i found a bit harder.

Good luck TTC

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I found I felt better generally when pregnant. The hormones are different - I used to get tearful because I got so overjoyed by things. Lovely pictures of lambs and things....really soppy! lol After baby arrived I had bad baby blues each time but as I was aware of it I was able to help myself pretty quickly.

I believe that as long as you are self-aware you will be fine as you can get help. Most community midwives have training in ante-natal/post-natal depression and other mental health issues so if you're feeling like you may not be right you can approach your midwifery team and they can offer counselling or other help.

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I would be cautious. The hormonal surges in pregnancy can cause depression and anxiety. A lot of women suffer from ante natal depression and anxiety and if you are already predisposed to these then it could affect you. I'm not saying this to scare you, just want you to be aware that it can happen. All the best

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I suffer from pmt and I must say that my first trimester was like a very bad pmt. But i was also very sick and wasnt getting much help from my partner and zero help from his family. I think that made it worse. If u have a supportive partner it will be easier to get through it. But everybody is different and u might be ok. My hormones settled during the second trimester and i felt good just a bit emotional over cute things or feeling sorry for sick animals on tv etc. but overall it was really the best time of pg.
I have at about 4.5 weeks to go and i can feel im getting anxious and can be extremely sensitive when people are rude to me. Eg.neighbours, strangers, when partner is stressed etc. But i know its the hormones again and anticipation of labour. I would say pg is an up and down time and u cant predict how u will feel. Abd because its a very happy period in your life it will help you to get through bad days.

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