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Diarrhea not going away, so upset

I was poorly (nausea, stomach ache) after half a bottle of wine last Sunday night. On Monday night I was in tears, worrying about the future, concerned about trudging through these next few weeks of nursery and Easter half term with my toddler and newborn baby. I felt everything get on top of me and I was so upset. Tuesday I had an awful tummy and I asked my husband to stay home, but he couldn't and it was a horrible day with a fever and stomach ache.

Wednesday I developed diarrhea in the afternoon, I thought oh bloody typical. Thursday I asked grandparents to take toddler to nursery - I do not like leaving the house when I have diarrhea!!! Friday and the diarrhea and stomach churning continue, but thankfully my husband is at home. I was able to eat okay, eating plain things and drinking loads.

I hoped after a couple days it would settle but this morn (Sat) I woke with awful awful trapped wind. I have had one spell of diarrhea AGAIN and I'm laying on the bed with a churning stomach.

I'm feel so upset but I can't even be bothered to cry anymore. Diarrhea from tummy bug isn't really supposed to last more than two days and this is now the fourth day with it. I can't see the Dr till Monday and i fear I'll get put on antibiotics for bacterial infection diarrhea - it'll be my 2nd load of antibiotics in 5 weeks (before was an infection surrounding my 2nd degree tear).

I can't believe it. I was so worried on Monday about just dealing with life generally and now I'm in this ridiculous pain with diarrhea that doesn't seem to be going away, I won't be able to go out or do a great deal of anything this entire weekend so it'll be wasted, then a trip to the Dr on my own (I'm really frightened of going out the house, being far from toilet with diarrhea) and not being able to get my toddler to nursery. My ILs are going to be over helping us around the house this weekend and they'll undoubtedly hear me on the toilet So embarrassing

I don't know why else other than infection that would be causing diarrhea to linger like this. It's so miserable.

This week can go to hell

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you really need to try and calm down. It's normal to have a upset tummy for longer than four days and not something that needs a gp vist as there is nothing they can do. Try eating bland food and you could try over the counter tablets such as Imodium from the chemist (send oh). You could also try some probiotics if you have had or bug or antibiotics these are very good.
It seems like you do need a gp vist as you come a cross really stressed and panic which in it's self can cause. Upset tummy feeling sick, dizzy , hot sweats ect.

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Anxiety and stress can cause a bad stomach and if your nervous. Maybe you have a touch of IBS. Try and relax and drink plenty of water. As pp said may be worth going to the gp to see if they can help you with the anxiety. x

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