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PCOS and worst AF EVER!

Just finishing the worst period I've ever had in a long time.
I'm on the pill and my gp told me it would reduce my pcos symptoms and won't affect my fertility for when we ttc. Great. It lightened the bleeding to the point only a thin pantyliner was needed and barely any cramps but this one........OMFG!
Friday, I woke up with a headache and feeling ropey. Pain killers didn't shift it. That night I had an IBS flare up for next to no reason and was greeted by AF the following morning.
Pains, moods, had to send DH to get me heavy flow towels and the bathroom was my second bedroom (ibs). Anyways, changing pads every 2 hours and they were full (tmi....) the thought of food repulsed me, pounding headache and pure tiredness.
I missed a hen party on saturday because of it and i'd looked forward to it for weeks.
AF is almost done now but omg the worst one ever! A grim reminder of PCOS maybe?

My stomachs still swishy and sickly

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