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Bipolar and medications.

After suffering with depression, ocd and anxiety since I was 13, I have just been diagnosed with postnatal depression and bipolar. I have suspected bipolar for a while but my doctor has only just started to help with it.

Ive been put back on antidepressants and referred to a psychiatrist to talk about mood stabilisers.

I was just wondering who else has bipolar and what medications you had, if they helped etc

I'm really struggling at the moment

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I'm sorry you're going through this, do you have a support system in place at home with family or friends? New diagnoses can be scary.

My OH is Bipolar II & OCD and is on Seroquel 200mg but just got a new prescription to start as soon as we pick it up for Seroquel 300mg Extended Release (so it stays in his system longer). Seeing a therapist of any sort is a huge step in the right direction! They can help you identify triggers and changes in mood. There are apps you can download on your phone to help keep track of those things too, to see when you're escalating, etc.

How do you feel on the antidepressants? The tricky bit is finding a combination of antidepressants and mood stabilizers to work together. My OH was on Zoloft for a VERY short period of time but it caused him to go severely manic and he had to stop it very shortly after starting it. It's so important to have support, anywhere! I am around to chat, though I can only speak from my perspective. Best of luck!!

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