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Confused, wind?


Sorry but I wasnt sure where to post this. Just need to let off a bit of steam. For about the past hour on and off Ive been gettin sensations in my left lower tummy similar to when I was pregnant. Its like a swooshing/heartbeat sensation. Im on the depo and had one start of jan one end march and due another end june. Is this just wind O wonder? If if I am miraculously pregnant and feeling movement it wpuld be too far to show on a test? Its driving me mad and it keeps coming and ging sp cant sit right. Lol.


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I find wind is VERY similar to baby kicking. The other night I was very bloated and watching my tummy "kick" - I'm deffo not pregnant though
If you've got no other symptoms I wouldn't be too concerned.

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I had the same sensations and I worried I was pregnant too, but tests say no. Hard to tell while Bfing as I still haven't had AF but I take the pill and thought no... until I had the same feelings and thought we might be... but a test 3 months ago and no growing belly tell me I was just bloated

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