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Cramping/Pain in uterus after c-section.

Hey girls,

I had a c-section a month ago this Friday and have healed pretty well. A few days ago I started getting mild cramping in my uterus and sometimes stabbing pains in my lower abdomen and uterus. It happens on a daily basis but not constantly. Sometimes the stabbing pain is so intense it takes my breath away and other times it's bearable.

I also realized I will get the stabbing pains sometimes when I am holding my little girl against my stomach while feeding her and other times when I am doing nothing. The cramping has been almost constant today and it feels very relevant to period cramps.

Anyone have any experience with this and if so should I be concerned?


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Natalie Flynn
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Ive no idea what it is hun but wanted to say that Ive been experiencing what sounds like the same thing and I never had a c- section. Hopefully someone will shed some light on it x

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