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Please keep your sick child out of childcare!

Just a bit of a vent here...

This was my first week back at work, and my 6 month old is coming to the childcare centre I work in. After initially agreeing I could be a stay at home mum, I had to go back to work (only 2 days a week though) as hubby lost his job, and now has a casual job and we need the extra money.
Well, my boy got Gastro on his first day! I know that children get sick more often in care. But what really pisses me off, is that the parent who bought gastro into the centre KNEW their child was sick! And its spread into all 5 rooms at the centre. 75 children each day, most only in a few days a week, and this one parent has left a great number of other children sick. Its bad enough being in hospital with a dehydrated 6 month old, having to force hydralytes down his throat every 5 minutes and having to watch as he keeps throwing it all back up. Watching him dry retch because there is nothing left in his stomach. Even his diarrhea is pretty much water because what little he had eaten before he started throwing up was cleared out in the first nappy. Even now at home, on anti-nausea pills, he is still coughing and gagging, with the occasional vomit. He had 2 wet nappies yesterday, and they weren't all that wet. I hope like hell that the 10 week old boy in my little ones room doesn't catch it, I could not imagine a bub that young with this bug. And I feel sorry for the staff, they are disinfecting all day, every day to try and kill the spread of it, but can only do so much when sick kids are running round touching everything all day.

And what did this parent say when they got a call to collect their child after they diarrhea at the center? "Oh, I was kind of expecting a call, she/he was vomiting just the other day."

If your child is sick, please don't bring them to care and inflict their illness on all the other children there! It is pure selfishness

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So nasty and inconsiderate of her! I swear some parents don't have brains. I had a similar problem. A parent at my son's daycare knowingly brought in her child who had a nasty cough. I was horrified when the mother asked the caregiver if he could come again tomorrow despite the cough. Sure enough my son, who is asthmatic, caught the virus and ended up in the hospital. I was pissed at that mother.

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