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Post partum bleeds (period question)

Just checking what I'm going through is normal...

I'm breastfeeding and pp I bled for the first 5 weeks. Then nothing until 9 weeks when I got heavy bleeding like a period but only for 2 days. At 11 weeks I got the same

Does this sound like anything to be concerned about to you ladies? Planning to ask the doc next time I see him

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I had that happen. It was off and on for weeks. As long as you aren't passing really big clots or feeling dizzy/weak it is normal. Definitely let your doctor know, anyway, though. Just to be sure.

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I think it sounds ok, but if your worried def go see doc, I had PPH a week after birth and there was no mistaking it due to the amount of blood loss and size of clot. I won't be graphic but it was a constant flow rather than a gush. X

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