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anyone have endometriosis?

iv got all the symptoms,
always had heavy painful periods
pelvic pain that comes and goes
pain when opening bowels
exhausted all time
and when I found out I had an etopic a few months ago the doc said my tube was badly scarred and also found out I have an ovary cyst, going to see my doc this week

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His Princess
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Yes. I've always had pain, problems with periods etc. but it was put down to PCOS. I had to have IVF to conceive both times and again, I was told that PCOS was the cause of my infertility.

During my c-section with my little boy, I had 2 post partum hemorrhages and it was only then that they told me I had endometriosis. Both Fallopian tubes and an ovary were completely stuck to the back wall of my uterus and my bowel, which meant that they couldn't stop the bleeding. I lost 25% of my blood and came very close to having a hysterectomy and emergency bowel surgery.

I've got an appointment in a few weeks with a gynaecologist to figure out exactly what's going on in there. They've told me I'd probably have a similar problem next time round, should I have another baby, so I don't want to go ahead with more IVF if another pregnancy is going to put me at significant risk or effect my ability to be a mum to my son.

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