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Ovulation pain or something more

Hi, for about 2 weeks now I've had a really bad lower back on the left hand side which was gradually radiating over my hip and I was starting to get achey pains at the front aswell, Monday I pinged something in my lower back which made all my lower back ache, for a few days now the pain over my hip has got worse and I'm now getting period like pains. Just dull aches and pains over my whole lower abdomen and a bit of pelvic pain. I'm really worried now that the pelvic pain and lower abdomen pain is something really bad. I am due to be ovulating today but I've never really had ovulation pains before, is it something you can get as a one off or not

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I get ovulation pains every month. I can only tell you that they have never lasted for as long as what you as describing. It's usually a day or two of discomfort and on which ever side i am ovulating from, sometimes both sides though.. so that's a bit odd. who knows ahah. feels like period pain but not centrally located like my period pains would be. Sorry if that't not useful x

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Sounds more like you've done something to your back to me. I get the exact pain you're describing and for me it's all related to my back. I'd get to the dr's though because it could be anything. I agree that ovulation pain shouldn't last that long. Hope you feel better soon xxx

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