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Never ending period and back pain

My period came back pretty much normal after having my son 4 months ago. I started the mini pill about 4 wks pp and I am almost through with a month of Yaz bc pill. Well, pretty much every since I started the YAZ I have not stopped bleeding. Its light but the past week, my back is also killing me and I have cramp like pain too (more like an ache on my insides). Im not 'supposed' to start my period until next week.

I am hoping that switching bc is causing this, and am going to give it another month on the Yaz to see if things that work themselves out.

Anyone else not technically 'postpartum', or maybe 4 months is pp, but bleeding and hurting?? I just can't help but think something might be wrong in there. I saw my dr for my yearly pap Sep 29 and everything came back normal. I had only just started the lightest bleeding when I saw her so I didn't even mention it.

Sorry for the long post. I ramble. :P

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I know the mini pill can come with random or constant spotting, but the pain would concern me enough to go back for an appointment just to be on the safe side. It's probably nothing and might be as simple as changing brand of pill x

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