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Pain in hand and arm

I've had shooting tingling pain down my left arm for over 6 months now. Recently the pain in my hand has become unbearable it's affecting my driving ability and being able to perform simple tasks such as writing opening a jar even carrying a cup of coffee and I'm dropping things so much.
I had ohysio in the summer so been doing those excersizes regularly but the pain is worse and worse and the numbness in my hand isnt going away .
My ohysio said something about carpal tunnel syndrome to me has anyone had this?
If so what treatment did you get? I've also taped my fingers together to reduce the pain enough to allow me to drive however it makes no difference

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Have you seen a doctor yet? This can be more than just carpal tunnel syndrome. Could you tell me what fingers it is affecting? It definitely sound like a nerve problem and there are some things you can do to help alleviate some of the pain here and there. Itís not and end all be all and if you have carpal tunnel you will need corticosteroid injections or surgery to fix the problem. Seeing a doctor is important because it can cause long term problems. Long-standing CTS leads to permanent nerve damage with constant numbness, atrophy of some of the muscles of the thenar eminence, and weakness of palmar abduction.

How do you sleep at night? I have a problem with bending my elbows and wrists all the way until they are tucked under my chest. Doing this has certainly caused me to have similar symptoms as you. My pain reaches sometimes from my neck down to my fingers but mostly just my arm and hand are affected. I also have weakness, numbness, tingling, and lightning like pain down my arm.

Here is what to do as well as seeing a doctor: Try a wrist brace, the tighter I wear mine the better it feels and the partial relief is almost instant. You can wear the brace in your sleep too if you are bending you wrist like I mentioned. Sometimes I wrap a heating pad around my arm, wrist, and hand tightly but I must say it does not do a lot.

CTS can be brought on by pregnancy, obesity, diabetes, and for me thyroid problems (hypothyroidism/ Hashimotos). So not only seeking help for the CTS but also what may have been the underlying cause is also important. Lastly, you can also have a nerve pinched in your cervical spine (neck area). The doctor can do a quick check by pressing and area behind your ear to see if it causes some pain. This can also cause the symptoms you mentioned. They will follow that up with a C-spine MRI and then treatment if that is what it is (surgery/ injections).

I am waiting on my full spine MRI (I also had a two story fall onto my back) to see what needs to happen next for me with my back and my wrist.

Good luck and I hope I can help you out more.

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