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Zoloft side effects

is anyone here on Zoloft or has been on it?

I've been put on it a bit less than 4 weeks ago and have had strange symptoms that I'm not sure if are related:
-been a bit forgetful
-sometimes not sure if something was a dream or an actual conversation, but I eventually remember
-decreased appetite
-slight nausea
-it makes me sleepy
-started clenching my jaw which causes headaches and jaw soreness
-lots of headaches
-one incident of hand/finger numbness
-sometimes restless and I keep pacing back and forth
-thinking out loud/talking to myself way more often than before
-this one is weird: dh woke up in the middle of the night and the bed was vibrating, but apparently I was vibrating.

but I think I've had some positive side effects:
-improved/restful sleep (slept an average of 3-4 hrs for months)
-feeling more love all around, especially towards my children. during my depressed periods I had trouble getting out of bed let alone holding or hugging my kids.

are my side effects normal? anyone have any idea what the vibrating was? I haven't felt it and don't know if they were maybe just my legs or what.


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I'm not sure hun- but I'd be making an appt. Or- calling your doc for input. I'm sure some are perfectly normal side affects- it can take weeks to fully get adjusted to a new medication like that- maybe 4-8wks (depending?). Did you discuss other options at all? Just a thought. I know people on Wellbutrin (myself included) and other than a few nights having trouble getting to sleep, since I'm on the 24hr one- I've not had, or heard of, any negative side affects. Obviously you'd have to discuss with your doctor- IF you felt the current side affects were too much.

That's great it's helping in other (important) ways though

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thank you for your comment!!

my side effects have improved a lot since then and there hasn't been another incident of vibrating whether asleep or awake. and it definitely doesn't make me sleepy anymore. in fact I've started taking it earlier in the day now as suggested by dr.

my mom is actually on both Zoloft and Wellbutrin and hasn't had any of my side effects. she just says she had to take Wellbutrin really early in the day or she can't sleep at night.

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Zoloft was the first antidepressant I tried and it worked well. No side effects except slight increase in tiredness but it went away after a few months. All in all it makes me more calm and not depressed so I would recommend it. I've got my pills at prescription required and the price is appropriate for me
Many blessings !!

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Thank you for sharing the symptoms