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Anyone else suffered with this? at the end of my tether.

So I had my baby last Saturday morning. I had an epidural on the Friday evening that took 3 attempts. I was instantly left with a horrific spinal headache. It's now Thursday and it's still here. I've been back in hospital and had a blood patch on the Tuesday night. It helped ever so slightly. They wanted to give me another yesterday but I declined. No more needles in my spine. I've truely had enough though now. I can't hardly do anything with my newborn and it ruined my chances of breastfeeding. I'm mostly bed bound and the headache isn't shifting. Anyone been through this and how long until it went?

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Oh gosh, I'm so sorry. I had a spinal headache after our oldest son was born. When I was discharged, they did a blood patch, and it didn't work. I went back two days later and got a second blood patch (from a different anesthesiologist) and it was relief within a half hour.

I understand you don't want to get a second one, so I honestly don't have any advice. That was the most horrible pain I've ever experienced. I just wanted to offer big hugs and say I hope you're feeling better soon. I know my husband's aunt had one when she had his cousin (30 years ago) and there was no treatment offered to her, and she said it took 17 days to go away. I know for me, they said drink as much as you can, and (weirdly) drink caffeine. I'm sorry I'm no help--I feel terrible for you, because I very vividly remember that horrible pain. : (

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