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Please read!!

Hello ladies,
2 summers ago i was diagnosed with Endometriosis through surgery which was removed from my uterus. I know it is pretty much hell when you have it and unfortunately there is no cure. Sometimes I just get so upset becasue I can't even have intercourse with my hubby due to the pain i feel almost feels like he is constantly hitting something which is odd seeming i can't let him in all the way sometimes. I have been having pelvic and rectum pain all day today and it just scares me. I see my OBGYN multiple times a year because of the pain that I experience. To make matters worse i feel like i have no one to talk to about it, no one understands what it's like. Yes my hubby os supportive but deep down i know it probably bothers him too and he is a man he does not know what it's like. Do any of you experience this with Endo as well? I just need to hear other support. Thank you for reading my long post.

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Hi baby yes I get pain during intercourse and as you say sometimes feels so uncomfortable but it's not even all the way in. It's not all time but comes and can really get you down. Have you tried anything to help such as changing your diet or exercise. I find if I eat healthier it can help and doing yoga helps too.

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I have just been diagnosed with endo these passed few days have been hell, I'm waiting to start a course of Zoledex ! Could you try getting apt with your gyne consultant and speaking to them about it

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Are you in the UK or US? I know Endometriosis UK have local support groups, the one near me meets roughly every six weeks and it's great to talk to others who understand. They also have a telephone helpline too. I think in America it's something like The Endometriosis Foundatin of America but I'm not sure what kind of support they offer.
I found intercourse painful before my surgery as my endo favours my Pouch of Douglas, it was removed during the surgery but I will be honest, I've not had sex since so I have no idea if it helped but I no longer find tampons painful so I guess it helped a bit. The Pouch of Dougls is between your uterus and rectum and is a favoured place of endo in general.
Also did you have diathermy or excision surgery? If you're finding it is coming back quickly it might be worth trying to see an excision specialist.
I'm sorry you are going through all this, sending gentle hugs your way!

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