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Can I cancel sick note from doctor to sign me off ??

Hi all
Just need your help pls .
On Friday evening I called my GP crying my eyes out complaint about my work place and how sick my new boss is making me feel ( had lots of arguments with him ..) and I told gp
That I don't ever want to go back there and that I wanted to be signed off due to stress.,doctor told me to collect the sick note on Monday BUT...
When my husband arrived home and I told him I Am not going back to work he was so angry and said that we can not afford for me not to work etc . Slept on it and it's true. We can't afford to live on one wage so I have to just shut up and put up and go to work .
NOW. My question . Can GP cancel the sick note he wanted me to collect on Monday ? I am so sad that I took his time and he was so lovely over the phone to me ready to sign me off and not im back to work ,? He might think that I'm crazy and changing my mind .. But the the truth is I have up work , I though my husband would be ok with my desicion but not. We need money I hope my GP will understand that !

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