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Implant and bleeding

I've had the implant for over 2 years now, it's due out in October. I've rarely had periods with it, and on the odd occasion I have they've been light and lasted 2-3 days at the most.
Until now, I've been bleeding now for 3 weeks with no sign of stopping. It's no heavier than usual but I've never had a period last this long.
Has anyone experienced this with the implant and should I go to the doctors? I'm just worried that I may not be protected from pregnancy - has it worn off??

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I've never had the implant - But I had 6 week bleeds on the injection. Hormones can react very badly with some people. x

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I had the implant and a few months later i had a bleed that lasted me around 6 weeks! Took it out after a year couldnt handle the mood swings it gave me!

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I've only had mine is for few weeks and after I stopped taking my mini pill I've had spotting since. I know that's not really much help to you but didn't wanna read and run

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