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Colposcopy & smear

Hi ladies ive previously had a lletz treatment for cin3 , fell pregnant had a colposcopy done at 8 weeks they said there was minor changes that theyd maybe take a biopsy after babys born. My baby is now 11 weeks i yesterday went for a smear at the clinic & they had a look at my cervix under the scope she didnt need to take a biopsy as everything looked normal to her ! I am so delighted & completely in shock . Has anyone been in a similar situation . Im just wondering how my smear results will turn out , if they are abnormal what is the point in a colposcopy if it was normal to my consultant !? Im so thrilled because of how stressed i was but im also trying not to get my hopes up

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Ive had a similar experience. Went for a repeat smear today. Gotta wait up to 4 weeks for results.

I had laser treatment last time. So hoping for all good news this time!.

Have you had your results? X

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I went through several smears all with abnormal results even when my obgyn said i looked fine. He finally decided to do a colposcopy which resulted in precancerous cells. I then had a LEEP procedure and now I am back to normal

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