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Implant & black bleeding ?

So I had my implant fitted for the 2nd time when LO was 6 weeks old, she's now nearly 7 months old and iv always had irregular bleeding which I know can be normal on the implant but it's black and sometimes is really thick and dry,it can be dry and clumpy too.
Sometimes I won't actually be bleeding but when I go toilet I see black stringy blood on the tissue... I was told by a friend the doctors will just say it's the implant and takes upto a year to settle. The first time I had it after my oldest was born it was amazing, not a single problem.
Just not sure if it's worth checking at the docs?
I'm not due for a my next smear until June 2017, my previous one I had high grade changes with CIN3 so needed a LLETZ.

Anyone having similar experience?

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