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Period issues

I apologise in advance for the tmi!

So, about 5 months ago my periods suddenly changed. They went from just starting a full but light flow, perhaps with some cramping in the days before, to 4-7 days of spotting nasty brown sludge, complete with cramping, that at times makes me feel somewhat nauseous and needing to take pin relief. The discomfort and sickly feeling stop once my period actually arrives. Though the first month the spotting happened I actually had really bad period pains, I had to lay down. This is the first time I've cramps like it since my daughter was born over 4 years ago. Not happened since though.

ive also developed a dull ache around my right ovary, this usually starts after I've ovulated, but this cycle its been since my period started.

I went to the GP last week, and she did take me seriously, sent me for blood tests, examined me and took a swab. There was mention of an ultrasound, but nothing else came of that. But she's put it down to me breastfeeding, which I feared she would, its the easiest option. But, ive been doing it for over 4.5 years with no issues period wise until January this year, apart from suddenly developing pms in the later half of last year. Could it really be the breastfeeding causing a pretty sudden change in my cycle?!

I also have a variable luteal phase, which I do put down to the feeding. Caused me no problems conceiving Harry though.

Her explanation to what is happening is that my lining is starting to break down slowly, hence the brown colour and cramping. As we're trying for another baby, ironically we started trying the cycle the spotting started, she said as long I'm ovulating I should be fine and the spotting shouldn't hinder implantation. Really?!

So, could this change really be just the breastfeeding?

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