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Abnormal smear test & symptoms 😢

For a little while I just haven't felt 'right'. Ive had this bad back which has been awful, struggling to get it of bed and even work, I'm on my feet for my entire shifts. Ive been feeling nauseous all night and in the morning and I've recently had an irregular bleed with clots between my period, and as I'm on the pill which has failed me before the first thing I thought of was maybe pregnancy? Until I had my smear results back yesterday and they said abnormal changes found and I have to go back for a retest in 6 months time. As ive been having a few other symptoms aswel should I go and see the doctor asap? I feel like something's going to happen and this is my time. I keep thinking of my babies 😢 how am I going to get through this…

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try not to worry i had a cancer scare recently i found lumps in my neck all of a sudden i had lots of symptoms that i thought this must be it in the end it wasnt cancer but i would go to the doc tell him how you feel and see what he can do its no good worrying for months on end


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Firstly big hugs
I would go and speak to either the gp or the practice nurse and explain your recent symptoms and worries. An abnormal smear result doesn't always mean the worst xx

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