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Period help - worried

Please can anyone help, I'm a bit worried!
Bit of background, I have just been diagnosed with coeliac disease and it needs to be officially diagnosed by a biopsy which means continuing to eat gluten in the meantime. This means the small intestine isn't absorbing nutrition like it should. I am on iron tablets due to being anemic with the untreated coeliac, although doc reckons am only absorbing some of them.

I went on the pill to try and stop my periods for a few months until my biopsy meant I could go gluten free and get my anemia under control. I spotted through the first pack and then half way through the second pack without a break I came on (assuming it's because I am not absorbing them properly either) so just stopped taking them altogether (as I don't need it for contraception, was just to stop periods which didn't work!).

I have been bleeding for nearly a week now and soaking a pad every few hours, it's not easing up at all. At my last smear in Nov 15 I found out I have the hpv virus, although no abnormal cells were found. I will have another smear this November.

Do you think the very heavy and unusual (to me) bleeding is just due to the half absorbing pill or should I be worried?

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