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Zoladex Issues

Hi, Apologies for the longish saga, I swear there is a question at the end

I've been prescribed Zoladex again for 6 months this time, due to severe endometriosis and ovarian cysts. This treatment really is a last resort as everything else has been tried and has failed. I've had gynae problems for years but due to my age (39) they won't allow me to have a hysterectomy.

I've been on them for 2 months, periods have stopped now etc but I've recently (the last 2 weeks) been having really bad anxiety attacks. Bad enough that during my driving lesson a few weeks ago, I actually burst into tears and had to stop. I'm not naturally an anxious person, yes I get nervous on occasion but it's never been bad enough to stop me even thinking of doing something. I had a driving lesson booked for this afternoon but I had a full blown anxiety attack in the kitchen, bad enough that I had to phone my better half to come home. It lasted only about 10 mins, but I've never felt like that in my life and it was horrific.

I phoned my GP who's since told me that anxiety is a known side effect so they want to start me on HRT.

Has anyone else been on Zoladex that's had anxiety attacks and if so did the HRT help stop them ?. I can't afford to keep making and cancelling driving lessons and i'd rather put them on hold til I either feel better on the HRT or the zoladex finishes.

To be honest i'm swithering whether or not to just stop the zoladex but the thought of all the pain & bleeding again is the only thing stopping me.

Thanks for reading

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