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Fruit allergy

A few days ago my sister and I split an avocado for our breakfast sandwiches. My kids split my sandwiches with me and the 3 of us had upset stomachs. I had extreme gas and stomach cramps while my kids both had diarrhea. My sister was fine, though. Last night I decided to give avocados another try and had them in my sandwich. My stomach started to cramp and I felt really nauseous and my throat became scratchy and swollen. I felt really sick. I threw up in the morning and honestly I still feel nauseous today but my throat feels fine. Does this sound like an avocado allergy or sensitivity? Is it possible for both me and the kids to be sensitive to the same fruits?

Similarly...I know that whenever I have bananas in my smoothies I tend to feel nauseous and have stomach cramps. That's why I stopped having bananas. I already don't like to eat them very much so I only used them to sweeten my smoothies. I even remember one night I woke up and started throwing up and I felt like I knew there was something wrong with that smoothie, but I kept wondering if it was the berries not the banana! But when I have berries in the smoothies without banana, I feel perfectly fine afterwards. I am probably sensitive to banana as well, if it is a fruit sensitivity at all?

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The more severe the reaction, the more likely it is to be an allergy rather than just sensitivity.

Keep a food diary of the foods that don't 'agree' with you and get a referral to a dietitian. They can do allergy testing which can help in identifying problematic items.

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Sounds like me. I'm allergic to both bananas and avocados. I don't get sick to my stomach but I do break out in hives, throat and lips swell and itch horribly.

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I suffer from the same thing and so does my mother. For us almost any raw fruit or veg gives us an allergic reaction that varies between item. for example plum was the worst reaction that I dared to attempt and watermelon I would say has the least reaction for me. So I would say its definitely possible and its also possible to develop to be more severe or to different food items, I would say just watch your food and your childrens food to see what reacts and what is safe.

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