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Baby Powder Poisoning

I need advice and mainly peace of mind, so I have brought my concern here. Recently my dog has got a bad case of fleas. I read safe ways to treat them with a baby in the house. I read about sprinkling baby powder into the carpet and vacuuming it up. I have put the baby in her stand up bouncer in the same room but off the carpet when I vacuumed the baby powder up. Naturally this caused a cloud of baby powder in the room with my daughter in there as well. After doing this for two days it just occurred to me that inhaling the powder might not be good for her. After looking it up on Google I found out about Talcum poisoning. The partials are so small that it's very easy to inhale and can cause this. Should I be concerned? Should I get her lungs looked at? If anyone has advice or experience with this please help! My daughter is about to be 8 months by the way.

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Talc is what is dangerous, and most baby powders are now made out of cornstarch, is yours cornstarch based? It should say

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