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Sarah Lou 80
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Stretchmarks on breast or indentation?

Hi all

Just wondered if anyone could help me? I noticed what I thought was a slight indentation on my left breast earlier. However, now I'm wondering if it's just a stretch mark? Ive got a couple of stretch marks on my breasts. I have never paid attention to how they feel but I would say I can't actually feel them. Trouble is I feel faint if I feel about too much. Anything medical gets me like that! OH is away this weekend so i don't want to go passing out when its just me and the baby here.

So, I guess I'm really wondering if anyone else has this with their breasts? Can you feel stretch marks?

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My stretch marks are indented. I have them on my breasts and tummy. When they are new they are a purple, red when they are old they fade but look kind of silvery white and are slightly indented in a long streaky kind of shape, not very wide. That is just my experience, I dont know if it helps.

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The breast tissue or the space created in the tissue due Indentation and puckering will feel very different to that of stretch marks. I would urge you to see your GP I'm not trying to scare you but better to be over cautious and it nothing to worry about than not❤️
I pray all will be well & it's nothing of great concern xx

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