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Shoulder impingement

Has anyone dealt with severe shoulder impingement?

My DH has been dealing with shoulder pain for a few years, it's gotten to the point he is in agonizing pain just to hold DD or simple tasks like carrying the trash out. He's done physical therapy for over a year, cortisone injections, anti-inflammatories and took a month off work to try and just heal. Nothing is helping, in fact he always feels worse after treatment. We've done massage, acupuncture, chiropractics, herbal medications from naturopaths, etc.

It's getting worse and I worry with baby #2 on the way, how on earth can he cope with his shoulders continuing to worsen. We saw a surgeon who said surgery is all that is left but he thinks DH should be able to heal from other treatments - but we've done all we can think of or is suggested.

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