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Will I ever get better?

Hi :-)

My 'babies' are 9 and 6yr olds now.

A bit of background... I have suffered from severe depression since I was 11 years old. I got help when I was 16 and have been 'managing' just about.

While I was pregnant (23 weeks) with my second child I developed psychosis. After he was born it became puerpal psychosis and PND. They always say it won't last forever, it's hormones... Etc. But my kid is now 6, nearly 7 and I still have it. It is now called 'schizoaffective disorder' by the professionals.

I want to get better. I WANT this to be a postnatal thing, because postnatal things DO tend to get better. My doctor told me years ago that the more time I get from my pregnancy the better I will get. Well, this hasn't happened for me. I'm on a cocktail of heavy psychiatric drugs and I'm still getting so bad I have to be hospitalised.

Could this STILL be a postnatal thing or am I going to be like this forever?

Also, why doesn't anyone talk about postnatal psychosis? It's very lonely

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Hi, firstly big hugs as you are so strong to be managing this and going through it.

I don't have a personal experience myself but I grew up friends with a boy over the road whose mum was the same as you, had a severe psychotic episode after he was born and was on and off ill for a few years. I wish I knew more details, my mum explained it me (she was a mental health nurse) as I was growing up so I understood. She only had one lo because of how ill she was, but I remember her being completely well when I was about 11 and didn't see anything after.

I think people don't talk about it because it's not as common as postnatal depression (at least I don't think, I'd need statistics). But I agree more should be talked about it. I'm sorry you feel lonely and I really hope you can overcome it and feel well again.

Could you see a different Dr/specialist?

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