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Is it normal to feel so overwhelmed?

Hello everyone,

I've been a SAHM for the last 5 years...I have a 4 year old who just started school in September and a strong willed 2 year old at home.

Lately I have just been feeling SO overwhelmed!!! I feel like somebody needs something from me EVERY. MINUTE. OF. THE. DAY. Even when I'm DD (2 yo) still wakes up a couple times most nights. When my husband comes home...he needs make dinner..make his lunch..wants a back's exhausting! Whenever I want something I have to do it myself, go without, or listen to people complaining about doing it. I've expressed all of this to my husband a few times over the last few months and he says he understands but I don't think he REALLY does....
We've also had our fair share of stress lately. DH was actually in the hospital for 3 days because of his diabetes, his sugar was high and he was I was alone with the kids while he was was just hard. DD has been having diarrhea for a while and had to get samples done which we're waiting to hear back about...and my anxiety lately has been through the roof. I have to take deep breaths all the time and it's starting to really bother me.
I don't have any friends here...I'm not from here and although we've lived here for 5 years I just haven't made friends...not really sure why..My family is 8 hours away (although they have their fair share of drama I don't want around me but still). DH's family is great but his sister is younger than me and just had a baby...I don't know. Just nobody I can go hang out with without the kids. DHs Mom passed away last February..and it was kind of hard on me. She came over often and was pretty much the only social life I had and now that she is gone that social interaction with an adult a few times a week during the day is gone. My DD and I go to playgroup once a week which is nice to speak to other moms there but lately there has only been us and one other boy.

I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else feels the same way and if this is normal or if I should talk to my doctor? I wouldn't say I am depressed but I would definitely say I am overwhelmed and on edge...and more impatient with everybody, especially my daughter. </3 I know I had the patience and did a lot more one on one with my son when he was born but I just haven't with her.

Anyway thanks for reading this far if you have. xx Any advice would be much appreciated.

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I am overwhelmed myself and reading your post, I would be overwhelmed if I were you too. I gather that you don't have time to yourself. A lot of people don't seem to understand that the life of a sahm is hard. I can't believe how harshly I judged before I became one myself. How many hours a week does your husband work? If it's close to 40 I would say he needs to step up. I stopped making lunches shortly after we had a baby. I only worked part time before and did all the domestic duties. I still make dinner, but it's hard with my 14 month old usually clinging onto my legs whining at me. I have started making meals where I can freeze some for days when I need something I can just heat up. When my husband is home I catch up on some cleaning while he watches our son, but he usually ends up spending his time destroying the kitchen while I'm working in it. I try and get the house back in order before bedtime so I have a couple of hours to relax. If I have more to do after bedtime I will try and get my husband to help so we both can relax, he usually leaves before I am done though. I don't know you can do anything to have a bit of free time to yourself, but right now I live for those couple of hours in the evening.

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I go through stages where I feel overwhelmed as well. I attended a stress management workshop last fall and they talked about the importance of meditation... if you haven't tried it yet I'd really recommend building it into your life/routine. Even just 10 mins/day can make a difference in how your brain operates.

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All the time! It's hard when you have no one to talk with who is going through a similar situation. That's why I really love this place! One thing I find always helps me, as silly as it sounds, is planning ahead. Literally, I have to write my plans out some days and it will just make me feel so organized haha!

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