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Cervix Issue

Hi Ladies,

I went to visit my GP after having bleeding after sex and she referred me to a Gynaecologist. I went last week and she took a biopsy from my cervix. Does anyone know what they will be looking for apart from pre-cancerous or cancerous cells?

I'm a little concerned and worried and it can take up to four weeks for the results to come back.

Many thanks.

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Do you have your results back yet?
The reason they will be doing this is to check that there aren't any cell changes to your cervix because bleeding during/after sex can sometimes indicate these cell changes. It could also be due to erosion to your cervix which is quite common and as far as I'm aware, completely harmless.
If they do find cell changes, as worrying as this obviously is to you and most women faced with this outcome, it's important to remember that it doesn't mean you have cancer. It's extremely rare that a woman has already developed cervical cancer, especially if all cervical screenings have been fine before, so please don't worry! More frequently any changes that are found are easily treated and the vast majority of women don't suffer any other issues and don't go on to develop cervical cancer.
I have a friend who almost always has abnormal results and usually suffers discomfort during sex but she has then had a normal result following an abnormal result. With CIN1 they leave it and redo the test after a few months (I can't remember if it's three or six) and usually the cells have corrected themselves, this is what happens with my friend. They don't know why it happens, which is probably the most frustrating part for her I would imagine!
I hope you have had your results back and they are fine

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