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A weird place.

Hi guys. I'm new to the forum. I recently had a two week stretch where I suspected I was pregnant despite having only very faint positive on some of the brands I tested with. I wasn't sure. On CD 43 I finally started my period, but it's weird.

Background - we weren't trying. Never missed a period in my life but in the past couple of years have developed extremely painful periods and my gyno's comments on my concerns were "Periods hurt, take some tylenol".

Anyway I didn't suspect anything until after I was past the latest day I'd ever started and realized I'd had some really crazy dreams, unusual aversion to an egg mcmuffin, been gassy, extremely bloated, boobs hurt and felt really heavy etc.

But like I said I was testing negative. I cramped lightly for two weeks. Nothing like my period. I was getting really frustrated because since I'd never had such a late cycle before, regardless of how stressed I've ever been, I really suspected I was pregnant.

SO when I finally started spotting on CD43 I felt happy just to definitively know one way or another. But I guess ultimately it has just raised more questions for me.

My period has been super weird and I'm not sure if it's because it was so late, or if maybe I was carrying something and it terminated. It's been weird. Not a heavy period at all, but a little more clotty. I feel weird, I keep having weird dreams. And I'm oddly emotional about it now because being 31, I'm wondering if I am starting to have fertility problems or something. Esp. since my periods have become more painful as I've gotten older. (like, makes you cry painful, not just oh god that sucks painful).

And now I'm wondering if I don't really just want to start actively trying. When we suspected I was, we were happy. Not stressed or worried, just pleasantly surprised and frustrated wanting to see a strong positive to confirm. Last night I dreamed I had a droopy empty pregnant belly and I was just walking around all sad because it was empty. I usually don't dream.. it's been crazy haha.

I have a doctor appointment scheduled for next week. Maybe she'll be more helpful this time around. But I'm just in such a weird, emotional place and I wanted to vent about it.

Thanks for listening

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Your doctor doesn't sound helpful. Can you see someone else?

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Oh poor you kmaria, it sounds like a very stressful place for you to be in at the moment. Sorry i can't be any more help, but i do hope your doctor can offer some support and advice at your next visit. xx

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Yes, you should change your doctor.

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