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Hayfever? Something else?

Dd1 (6) has had really intensely itchy eyes for the last week. I assumed hayfever, as mine (and basically the whole of the town!) have been suffering too.
The thing is, it is only really in one eye, and has been getting worse. She takes two types of antihistamines (loratidine and cetrizine hydrochloride) and they dont make any difference whatsoever. She also gets sodium cromoglicate eyedrops which do help, as long as I don't forget to put them in.
She hasn't had the drops the last couple of days (I lost them!) and went to her dads this morning and he said that as soon as the got close to where he lives, her eyes got really bad. She has has conjunctivitis a good few times and I don't think it is an infection as her eyes aren't yucky/gunky or watery, they are just so itchy. The fact that it is only one eye is making me question if it even is hayfever.

It is affecting her every day, her teacher sent her to the office twice at school it was that bad.

I haven't taken her to the doctor yet as I figured a few tablets and it would go away but it's not working so will probably take her this week.

I feel terrible, because I know how it feels. Any suggestions?

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My youngest had this a couple of weeks ago. It lasted a bit less than a week, looked puffy only round one eye. We tried to take him to Drs but couldn't get an appointment. It just went away on its own, so weird! Hope your LO is better soon. x

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