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Nexplanon Implant

Anyone with much experience of this implant?

I've had it for nearly 2 years with only 2 occasions of a period in that time. About 2 weeks ago I started bleeding for the first time in over a year and again today I've started bleeding. Could this be due to the hormone change?


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I believe it common for those with the nexplanon implant to start experiencing periods again after 2-3 years.

If concerned I'd ring for some advice form the nurse or GP.

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It's normal to start bleeding again after the 2 year mark. I remember the GP telling me.

I've had the implant since about october/November 2015. It took a long while for me to adjust. About a year. I bled solidly during that time. It was awful. I have adjusted now but I do bleed every month or so. When it comes out I'm not having another put in.

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