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2 Vp shunts & pregnancy

Hi All,

I have a rare condition called Chiari Malformation & syringomyelia. It came to light 6 years ago & as it is a progressive disorder I had surgery that tried to stop it progressing. 2 surgeries later this seems to have worked but unfortunately I developed hydrocephalus as a result and have since had 10 other surgeries, 2 being the insertion of a vp shunt. Last time I checked with my surgeon he said it was still possible to get pregnant. I however have had a few more surgeries since then & unfortunately if the shunt going into my right ventricle blocks again it will involve taking it out & placing a new one in my left ventricle. So I actually don't know if my surgeon will advise pregnancy anymore. I have an appt with him next month. I have read up a lot on individuals with one shunt and they have got pregnant and some finding it easier than others. I was just wondering if anyone else is the position of having 2 vp shunts and has gone through pregnancy and what was their experience?


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