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Breast Changes & Pain

I feel like I'm going to end up going crazy and really need some advice on whether I am just being paranoid or not!

Going back to the start of June I was doing my breast checks and I noticed some lumpiness in my left boob, along with some tenderness which seemed to kind of radiate like muscle pain up to my armpit. I went straight to the Dr, she was absolutely lovely and checked me out but said that she doesn't think it's anything serious, but to go back in 5 weeks at a different point in my cycle so she can rule out hormonal changes.

In between this time I end up going back because of the pain in the side of my breast up to my armpit, she gives me some ibuprofen gel and says it's definitely muscular. Fine.

I go back to my 5 week appointment, she has another feel and basically says there's been no changes i.e. it hasn't gone, and she says she's going to put in a non urgent referral to the breast clinic. She tells me not to worry because I'm only 30, no history of BC in my family and if it's anything, it's likely to be cyst.

I waited 3 weeks for my appointment and honestly, I've worried myself sick. I suffer from really bad health anxiety as it is, which doesn't help but the not knowing has driven me crazy.

Yesterday I had my breast clinic appointment, the nurse again was really lovely and checked me over really thoroughly sitting up and lying down. I told her that I'm not in constant pain with it but it's more like a dull ache 80% of the time and if i really touch it or if say one of the kids leans on me there it hurts enough for me to have to move them.

She felt exactly what I was feeling and described it perfectly. She did an ultrasound herself saying that she thinks it's just fibrous tissue which has kind of gathered/thickened I suppose.

She called in the consultant who went over again with the Ultrasound and said the exact same, nothing to worry about, just a build up of fibrous tissue and a few small cysts which aren't worth doing anything about.

I asked her about the pain and she said it can be normal and caused by hormones. I think that she could tell I was not reassured as she said that she hopes she has been able to help me feel that everything is okay and she said that I need to start feeling around again so I can get used to this as my new normal.

My husband was really relieved coming out of the appointment but I'm really not and I don't know why.

The pain has been worse since the appointment but I'm putting it down to the fact that I've been poked and prodded quite forcefully and it's agitated the area.

Has anyone experienced this? Will it go away on it's own? My anxiety is going AWOL, I've read enough horror stories about things being missed and what not that I don't think I'll ever have 100% faith in what a Dr has said - unless, of course, it's something bad.

I don't believe that it's BC, but I can't get my head around the fact that it's nothing? How can being in pain be my new normal? Because my husband and my BF know how badly I can suffer from anxiety, this is all being dismissed as me worrying too much/overthinking etc. which is really frustrating me

Sorry for the ramble, i just really don't know what to think and need some opinions/experiences!

p.s. i should also say that i haven't been on any form of contraception for over a year and my eldest is 5 so nothing that should cause significant hormone changes.

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I'm not sure how helpful this will be to you, but I will share my experience because I worried myself sick for like 2 years before I finally had myself properly checked out.

I was having breast pain only in the left breast. It seemed to radiate out of one spot in particular, and when I massaged I could feel lumpiness. It did not get better over time, and in fact would hurt/be tender more during my cycles, and be fairly painful.

I finally got checked out by my doctor who told me it was fine, but I insisted that I have a mammogram. I was 31 at the time. Had the mammogram, only to be told I had fibrocystic breasts and my fluctuating hormones were causing the pain.

That was 2 years ago and the pain has definitely improved. I will say that I noticed a significant improvement when I started taking vitamin D. No idea why; it was never suggested as a solution,I just happened to start taking it. Maybe just a coincidence.

I think you should look into fibrocystic breast information. I'm sure you're totally fine, but like me, thinking of the worst :/

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I could of written your post!
I have had a painful armpit for weeks felt like I had something tucked under my arm(like when you carry too much) & also like my clothes were too tight under my armpit which wasn't the case! I went to see the doctor who said muscular take it easy and painkillers and give it time!!
Fast forward to a week later it was still there then I was doing an examination around 2/3 weeks ago now and I felt a lump one that wasn't there before!! I'm now waiting to be referred to the breast clinic & praying it's nothing bad as I too have health anxiety which is currently sky rocket high!

If you aren't convinced I was ask for a 2nd opinion just explain that your still very anxious and worried as your still in pain

I hope you get a definite answer soon and some relief from the pain
Hugs xx

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