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Umbilical Hernia After Pregnancy

So I suspected when I was pregnant with DS3 that the lump above my bellybutton was a hernia. My midwife said sometimes the stomach mucsles seperate after subsequent pregnancies but didn't say much more. I felt it pop twice today and both times I've poked it back in. Workmates got a huge kick out of giving it a poke last pregnancy so it is quite noticable. Doctor confirmed it tonite and said it's not serious so surgery isn't needed. But it feels strange so I will want it fixed. Has anyone has this repaired and what sort of frocess is it? For someone who lives by 'the more blood and gore the more entertaining it is' the 'pop' I feel just weirds me out.

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I've had 2 umbilical hernias, and had both repaired I know this is a fairly old thread, but if you have any questions I'm happy to answer them

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my sister had one they cut it and pushed it back in about 9 months pp
They left her quite a while they said it might go back in on its own

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I had surgery on mine around 3 years back now, 2 years after I gave birth to my son. I have a mesh insert there now which is keeping it held back in. The surgery was fine, 6 weeks recovery time but honestly I felt fine in about 2 weeks all in all. Although now that I'm pregnant again, I'm getting some tenderness where the repair has happened so I'm not sure what's going on there but all in all, reletively painless process

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