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Abnormal brain MRI. MS?

Hi there,

Has anyone had a brain MRI and found to have foci (lesions)?
I had a brain MRI in 2013 due to bad headaches and they found these lesions. They were incidental and i had no neurological symptoms so my dr wasnt concerned.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago i started having pins and needles in hands and feet
Repeat MRI showe "multiple nonspecific foci in subcortical and deep white matter". It did say that the lesions havent changed much in the last 4 years. .

Of course my concern is MS. There are other causes bit im waiting for a neuro appt to discuss whats going on.

Im very worried anyone else experiene this?

Thanks for reading

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I haven't but wanted to wish you well in your upcoming appointments.

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My SIL had this exact situation. She had an MRI because of headaches and it showed she had nonspecific lesions. She saw a specialist who basically said it was nothing and not to worry, but because she has health anxiety and OCD, she can't leave it alone and works herself up into such a state that she has panic attacks that basically give her tingling in her hands and feet and reinforces her fear that she's developing MS. I'm not AT ALL saying this is what is happening to you, I'm just saying that people can have brain lesions that are benign and do not mean you have a horrible disease. Your specialist appointment will hopefully be reassuring - sending hugs.

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