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Thyroid issues

I am waiting for blood test results for suspected thyroid issues. After reading about them, it makes a lot of sense.

Since I was 16/17 I struggled with energy. I could come home from college and fall asleep and sleep until morning. At uni I was known almost to fall asleep in a nightclub (when not drinking!).

I had my first daughter in 2011. I was anemic and at 36 weeks I was diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia and induced. My daughter was born and I had a retained placenta and then haemorrhages, loosing 2 litres of blood. She had no interest in feeding, lost weight and now has bad eye sight and very dry skin.

I had my second daughter in 2013. I was high risk and on asprin to try and prevent the pre-eclampsia. I had a natural birth at 40+6 and no complications. My daughter had a severe posterior tongue tie and last year had a very swollen gland in her neck which was suspected as cancer. Luckily it wasn't and she has since had swollen tonsils and adenoids removed. She still really struggles with energy levels. She is slightly long sighted but doesn't need glasses.

I now have zero energy, really struggle with anxiety, have regular headaches, can sleep for hours and still have to force myself out of bed and often feel low. I am in constant fear that I have a brain tumour after a family member was diagnosed last year.

I know I should wait for the test results but after reading up I am feeling like I should have pushed harder when I was younger - I've only ever been tested for anemia. Were the problems with the pregnancies and their issues now because of me?

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