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Mirena coil side effects?

Has anyone used the mirena coil? What were your side effects if any?

I'm not going to mention mine at the moment as I'm wanting honest/ non swayed answers. Thank you!

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My side effects were that I was sooooooo moody/ down. I hated it

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I've had mine for a few months now and overall it's worked out quite well.

I don't really think I've had any side effects, although occasionally I'll get a bit of a hot flush, but not sure that's even related to the coil tbh.

The bleeding was a bit all over the place at first, but it's settled right down now and I hardly get any when it's my period. After having dd2 my periods got awful, really heavy and like coming out in gushes, sorry tmi, so they've been so much more manageable since having the coil fitted.

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It is different for everyone - I hated it. I'm just a walking b**** on any hormonal contraception or changes. I didn't stop bleeding either and I couldn't stand it, waiting months for it to calm wasn't on my happy list but some people love it!

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I’ve had the mirena coil for 5 weeks so far and it’s absolutely awful. I have bled or spotted every single day since having it..I have heard this can take 3-6 months to settle down, not sure I will last that long before having it removed

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I've had the mirena since January. Nothing major for me but does cause acne break outs and some random spotting.

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I spotted a tiny bit and had some cramps. After two weeks it all settled down. I've had no side effects, no periods, nothing! Love it. Had it nearly 2 years

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MY experience with the Mirena was awful I was beyond moody had contraction type pains every night for the last month before having it removed, apparently this was my body trying to reject it. I also had hair loss and when I finally got it out I asked the doctor could this be connected and he said absolutely x

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I have it in over 3 years now & I love it! I had terrible heavy painful periods & they are now gone which is just amazing after years of suffering, I did get some v light bleeding for the 1st few months but nothing after that, I get a bit moody for time to time but I was always like that, starflower oil helps my moods I am going to get another mirena in after the 5 years are up, couldn't live without it now.

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I occasionally get pain in my right side (i think it hits a nerve or something sometimes) which I've mentioned and the Drs said they could still feel the strings so it was in place and i was super moody for the first couple days after having it. Other than that it's been amazing, no periods or spotting and no other side effects, I've had it just over a year

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