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Stopping antidepressant for pregnancy

As a sufferer of anxiety and depression disorders, I struggle with the root of all of these thoughts... am I enough? am I worth it? is everyone else worth more than me?

I am planning to taper off my medication. Theses thoughts have been very manageable while medicated. But we've been trying to have a baby and I just want to see if I can manage without medication throughout my pregnancy. For a while I was sure on the fact that if pregnancy were to happen I would stay on a reduced dose but now I am wavering on that. At least if I taper off and then it turns out that my symptoms are completely unmanageable I would look into it again...

I just don't know. It's so hard. I am functioning at a level much higher than ever in my life but at the same time would I regret it if something were to happen to my possible future babies that could have possibly been caused by my medication? This is a question I'm not sure I'm prepared to answer.

Any thoughts? Any other moms with similar dilemmas?

I know stopping is not an option for some. And I strongly believe that this is a very personal thing which relates to each person's circumstances. No one can really say what would work for one person's circumstances versus another's.

I am just asking for you ladies' stories if you have them. Maybe it would help me be at more ease with my own decision.

Edit: when I say stopping, I don't mean stopping cold turkey. I mean that I have begun the process of tapering off my medication (which is prozac).

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