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Bleeding after Mirena removal.

So I had my Mirena for about 9-10 months and it was making me breakout all over my chin so I had it removed on Monday. The removal was actually an ordeal cause they couldnít find the strings, they did find it eventually though. I spotted a little that day but Iíve been bleeding for the past 3 days and it feels just like a period, so itís not just spotting and itís accompained by cramping and clots.

Is this just because of the normal disturbance to my cervix or something could be wrong? Could it also be from no longer being full of hormones and getting my regular heavier periods? I thought itíd take longer though.

Any advice will be really appreciated.

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I believe it is normal and women experiences can differ after removal.

If you have any concerns I would contact the clinic or surgery where you got it removed. We have a sex health clinic in the area, I believe most places do I'm sure if you just gave them a ring they would advise even if you didn't get it removed there.

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